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Dubai is the city of construction where hundreds of Engineering Consultancy companies are doing plenty of newly designed projects.Among all these well-known Engineering Consultancies,In 2016 LIWANENGINEERING CONSULTANCY came in existence by Engineer Ahmed & Engineer Murtada.

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We aspire to be the first choice for our customers to provide quality and economical designs and projects in accordance with the requirements and regulations of Dubai and meet the requirements of green buildings and challenges to any of the architectural projects.

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Dubai is the city of construction where hundreds of Engineering Consultancy companies are doing plenty of newly designed projects.Among all these well-known Engineering Consultancies,In 2016 LIWAN ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY came in existence by Engineer Ahmed ALBazaz & Engineer Murtada ALTaee

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Architecture is the use of all spaces and the organization of relations between spaces with the creation of a harmonious environment between humanity and physical structures with the creation of a comfortable atmosphere to live between its various parts and the spiritual sense between the interior and exterior


Our highly experienced structural engineers will study, analyze, and advise on the structural systems used to minimize the cost limit. They will design the project structure from enabling businesses along the way to superstructures. Will work with the architectural concept and the design of the architects for development


The team concerned with the work of electromechanical follow up all the details related to this area and study the detailed plans and submit them to the official departments for the purpose of accreditation and issuance of NOCs, taking into account regulations of green buildings .


Our engineering supervision team enjoys a high level of experience in this field through regular supervision of the projects and view the progress of work in the project with the details of the construction from the beginning of the project until completion through the preparation of periodic reports


Interior design is the creation of an ideal environment for the purpose of living or practicing an activity that fits the purpose of the design note that the interior design is the art and science of enhancing the internal environment of the building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetic


Throughout the project lifecycle, our dedicated project managers will ensure that all phases of the project are completed on time, within budget, as low as possible and comply with international standards and the accuracy of project implementation according to the agreed schedule.

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We started the Liwan Engineering Consulting Company three years ago to provide the best engineering and technical solutions to our customers both according to their requirements and as per the regulations and rules in Dubai. We have worked hard and we strongly believe in our ability to produce new ideas and designs that are contemporary and conform to the specifications, rules and regulations of Dubai in terms of contemporary designs and their conformity to green building regulations. The motivation to remain in this competitive market with many projects and challenges with the intense competition that distinguishes us from others. Our dedication to serious work and the creation of creative ideas contemporary with quality and commitment to work in terms of time and the cost of the project approximation with the sponsors of all systems and laws, the result is a design that meets all the requirements of creativity and meet the needs of the owner and within the estimated value of the project and within a certain time schedule. There is no learning to learn and we do not stop at this point we follow the development and monitor the new technology in all areas of building materials and innovative work techniques that make the project comply with the requirements of green buildings with the desired purpose, so we always learn new ideas and concepts to adopt a new strategy and strengthen the planning of the project to make our services better than before. Our team, either in the office or at the site, always informs the client of the site work prograss of the project within the time schedule , Cash Flow and according to the regulations and rules and according to the specifications and their conformity to the technical and engineering systems until the completion of the project and delivery to the owner or the company according to technical and engineering requirements, as required by the competent authorities in the Emirate of Dubai .

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