About us

Our Vision

Dubai is the city of construction where hundreds of Engineering Consultancy companies are doing plenty of newly designed projects.Among all these well-known Engineering Consultancies,In 2016 LIWAN ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY came in existence by Engineer Ahmed ALBazaz & Engineer Murtada ALTaee In these 3 years of time Liwan Engineering Consultancy has been completed a number of different projects such as Buildings , Villas , Labor accommodation and interior designs we are providing a best solutions to our clients as per there requirements for the design stage , tender stage and supervision stage until handing over the project to the owner as per the time schedule and terms of Dubai regulations.

Our Mission

We aspire to be the first choice for our customers to provide quality and economical designs and projects in accordance with the requirements and regulations of Dubai and meet the requirements of green buildings and challenges to any of the architectural projects. Our mission is to make designs and projects as a trademark proud of our customers to provide an engineering, economic and contemporary design for modernity and technological development. With new technology and creative design unique and qualitative.